Trying to find driving jobs in North West England?

There's an abundance of opportunities for driving jobs in North West England. Driving jobs can be found in various different places, including haulage companies, Royal Mail and your local council.

The great thing about driving jobs in North West England is they can picked up by almost anyone. The only qualification needed by candidates of driving jobs is a clean driving licence. If you're hoping to find a position driving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV), you'll need a category C licence.

To gain a category C licence you'll need to pass a series of tests to prove that, not only can you drive the vehicle, but you can also operate all of the additional machinery that's commonly used with HGVs today.

Before applying for the category C licence, you must have already passed the theory test and hazard perception test, which is part of the standard driving test. The category C licence includes another theory test, which deals with elements such as weights and dimensions, vehicle loading, dealing with accidents and drivers' hours and rest periods.

The practical test of the category C licence, which you must be 21 years old to take, includes control and handling of the vehicle, knowledge of vehicle equipment, rules of the road for HGV and LGV vehicles and a solid understanding of the Highway Code.

Once you have the licence, you can start applying for positions with some of the haulage companies in North West England. There's no shortage of options in this department. Express Freight Solutions, Frank Barnes Group, E Nixon and Son and M.K Transport Services are just a few of the haulage companies providing driving jobs in North West England.

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