The skills you need for driving jobs

Driving jobs cover many areas, from taxiing and delivering to long-haul trucking. Here we provide an overview of skills needed for the more common positions.


Driver jobs often involve providing a service, whether that’s delivering goods, or taking customers to meetings or airports. Customer satisfaction is crucial, so a driver will be held completely responsible for ensuring drops are made in time.

Driving might seem like a fairly basic requirement. Nevertheless, a driver is a highly visible representative of any organisation, so your commitment to providing a good service will be extremely important to your employer.

You’ll need to be able to think quickly in certain situations. Particularly in inner city driving, the traffic flow is influenced by so many factors which can’t always be predicted, such as accidents or roadworks. Sudden diversions can occur so it’s vital you can pre-plan, building-in alternative route scenarios. A thorough knowledge of local geography is fundamental.

Work ethic

Following on from these skills is a strong work ethic. If, say, bad weather has impacted what was originally a straightforward journey, you might expect extremely long days. Your employer will appreciate if you’re prepared (quite literally!) to go that extra mile.


As a driver you’ll come into contact with a diverse customer base. It’s essential you can be polite and informal with customers. Your behaviour will have a lot of influence on the clients you deliver to, impacting future orders.

Always keep in mind that you are a representative of the company's, so you should remain professional in all your communications.

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