How to get a driving job

Long open roads, your favourite tunes blaring, no boss looking over your shoulder... it beats sitting in an office! A driving job can offer a lot of freedom and opportunity, but what's the best way to get into the industry? Here's a few things that employers are looking for...

A full clean driving license for the relevant vehicle.

Reliability: Once you leave the depot, you're own your own. You're probably carrying expensive cargo and your customers are counting on it being delivered on time and in tact. Employers need someone they can rely on and trust. Do you have cash handling experience? Have you worked with vulnerable adults or children? Ever been in a position of authority? There's lots of ways to demonstrate that you are a trustworthy character.

Good time keeping skills: Time management on the road is crucial. All drivers will be working to a deadline. In general, the faster you can deliver the goods, the happier your customer and employer will be - but there are strict regulations on how far, how fast and how long you can drive. You can demonstrate time management skills in lots of ways. Do you have experience of working to deadlines? Have you juggled studying and part time work? Are you good at prioritising and organising tasks?

Industry specific experience: If you can demonstrate that you are hard working and reliable, that should be enough for most employers. But any industry specific experience is a real bonus. Have you ever been a delivery person? Taxi driver? Post man?Finally, try and think outside the box when looking for driver jobs. Almost all industries require drivers for delivery, transportation of goods or personal transportation. The perfect driver job could turn up where you least expect it!


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