Where to find the best driving intensive courses

Before you book any lessons make sure that you have a provisional license. It is necessary for you to have one before you can start any of your lessons. Ideally you should have one of these before you even book your intensive driving courses. It can anywhere four to eight weeks for your provisional license to arrive in the post and there is a small charge for ordering one.

You can find driving intensive courses from any of the sites listed below;

  • surepassdrivingschool.com
  • learning2drive.co.uk
  • driving-schools-directory.co.uk/intensive-driving-courses.asp
  • learnerdriving.com
  • thelfactor.co.uk
  • alphatutors.co.uk/careers/Self-Employed-Courier
  • one2onedrivingschool.com/crash_driving_courses.htm

From these sites you'll be able to look over a number of different options for driving intensive courses and lessons. You can decide how many hours you want to book. Most sites offer blocks of five to fifty hours, you only making a saving on bulk hours if you book them in that way from the beginning. Some companies even offer you a guaranteed pass; these lessons include unlimited tries at your theory and practical driving test. Remember that prices will differ greatly as you increase the number of hours you choose, and can also be affected by your age and location. You should expect to pay between £250 and £650 for your block of lessons. Guaranteed pass courses can cost anything upwards of £1,500.

These courses offer an effective, but expensive way of passing your driving license, but there are ways around the price. Check out sites like Groupon, KGB deals and Living social. They occasionally feature driving intensive courses. Sign up today to insure that you receive their daily emails informing you of any of these driving course deals.

Good luck with your practical and theory driving tests. Happy driving!


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