Why It Is Important to Have Professional Driving Instructor Training

Just because you know how to drive does not make you worthy of being called a professional driving instructor. If that is the kind of job you want, you need to enrol in a legitimate driving instructor training school. Lives and properties are at risk whenever an incompetent driver is let loose on public roads. As a future driving instructor, you owe it to everyone’s safety by ensuring that your students will be responsible when driving.


There are a lot of perks to enjoy by becoming a BSM driving instructor. You can enjoy continuous assignments if you choose to work for BSM or you can be your own boss and set up your own driving school.

Firstly, however, you need to meet their basic requirements, which include having a valid and unrestricted driver’s licence that is at least 4 years old, no driving disqualifications for the past 4 years, sufficiently good vision (they will test you for this) and, lastly, you must be what the Driving Standards Agency consider as someone fit and proper.

The programme is divided into three parts: knowledge and skills as a driver for the first two sections then, lastly, you will receive training as an instructor. Total cost is 2600 GBP.


RED is one of the largest companies that belong to The Official Register of Driving Instructor Training so that should add a little prestige to your qualification. Moreover, when you sign up for training, you get to use their wide fleet of vehicles during training and enjoy lots of freebies like a 3-month complementary membership with the FBTC, an accounting firm that specialises with driving training schools. The total cost is 2,995 GBP.

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