Prepare for the theory test with driving games

The theory test is the dull part of learning to drive. Rather than just browse through the manual though, why not spice up your study with a few sessions on some of the many driving games available online?

The Driver's Ed game at 1stdrive.com lets you chose a driving instructor from Jessica, Mr Bumper, Johnny or the Boss Lady (all boys will inevitably choose the provocative Jessica). Then you choose a series of driving exercises including parallel parking, turning left and right and pulling out of a parking space. The game is just for fun, but actually it does teach you good habits, especially when Jessica takes delight in pointing out every error.

The free game at britannia-driving-school.co.uk is also quite instructive, and, by the constant repetition of driving test manoeuvres, gets you into the habit of doing basic things instinctively.

The theory test games at one2onedrivingschool.com are a basic way of testing your knowledge of the rules of the road. If you haven't got a friend or relation to throw these kinds of questions at you, this is a useful alternative.

Free Online Games (freeonlinegames.com) offer a driving test simulation game (it's not entirely consistent with the UK national specifications) that will stir your competitive edge and help you concentrate on mastering your controls. The trick is not to get distracted by all those other racing, chasing and stunt driving games on the website that could tempt you into some very bad driving habits.

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