FAQs for driver jobs in Ireland

There are a wide variety of driver jobs in Ireland, and, despite the downturn, plenty of vacancies currently available too. That's because no matter how bad the financial situation, people and goods still need to get from place to place.

What companies hire drivers in Ireland?

Almost every company requires the use of drivers. The obvious companies with which you might be able to find driving work are delivery companies, including DHL and An Post, and transport companies, like Bus Eirann and Dublin Bus.

However, there are a whole range of other options for people looking for driving jobs in Ireland. Have you considered taxi driving, for example? Or how about doing deliveries for your local take away company?

What experience and qualifications do I need for driving jobs in Ireland?

The most important qualification that you will require is a full clean driving license for the relevant category of vehicle that you wish to drive (for example, a car or a heavy goods vehicle). No other formal qualifications are usually required.

In terms of experience, different companies and different roles have different requirements. Some companies will advertise driver jobs that don't require any experience, while others will ask for an extensive amount of relevant experience. Unfortunately in today's competitive job market, you're more likely to come across the latter than the former.

When writing your CV or filling in a job application form, remember to include all relevant experience. If you have ever transported goods or been involved in logistics, be sure to state it clearly.


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