Drayton Manor Hotel Jobs

Working and being directly involved in the Drayton Manor Theme Park and zoo may not be for everyone. But by finding Drayton Manor hotel jobs, you can still be in the vicinity of all the fun, get discounts, and be employed. Here are a few of the types of jobs you can find at the hotel.

Job Descriptions

Drayton Manor hotel jobs

This 4 star hotel caters to a wide variety of people. Unlike most hotels, this has a unique location near a zoo and amusement park making the hotel ideal for families with young children.

For people that enjoy customer service work check out jobs at the front desk. Their role involves welcoming and checkign in guests, taking phone reservations, and assessing guests needs along with many other duties.

Another position for those that enjoy interacting with guests is working in the food and beverage area. This could involve anything from doing bar work to catering weddings.

Sales and marketing department would involve working with potential customers, planning and coordinating sales activities, and booking the conference rooms for meetings, exhibitions, presentations, and other events. This would be much more administrative focused and could be a great way to get work experience for those interested in the hospitality industry.

Working in maintenance would involve watching over the general maintenance of the hotel, parking lots, elevators, and any other area that might need attention.

Another position that would involve minimal interacting with visitors would be working in housekeeping. This can be an extremely demanding job. It includes daily chores such as making the beds, cleaning the rooms, getting them prepared for the next guests, replenishing supplies, and much more.

For a complete list of their job availability, check out their website and see if there is anything for you.


Be Persistent

If there are not any Drayton Manor Hotel jobs available, don't despair. Just keep checking their website and see comes up over time. For those that live nearby and are really interested in working there, drop off your resume and tell them that you are available if anything does come up.

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