Dover Harbour project could create hundreds of jobs

If plans for a new cargo terminal at Dover harbour come to fruition, 140 current jobs at the port will be safeguarded and a further 600 would be created. Dover Harbour Board’s new project will develop a new terminal and redevelop the western docks.

The Kent town’s seafront will be transformed by the creation of a new marina that will “bring new life” to the place according to George Jenkins, the chairman of Dover Harbour Board. "The people of Dover have waited long enough for Dover's revival," he added.

Plans for the western docks show that the board are serious about moving cargo operations to that side of the port which will free up capacity for ferries in the Eastern Docks. The additional capacity at the renewed port will create most of the additional work so we’re expecting the majority of the planned 600 additional jobs to be in the logistics sector.

The Port of Dover’s Chief Exec, Tim Waggott, explained that the plans are being put in place to allow for “small container [ships] and deep water vessels carrying fresh produce from Africa and South America,” rather than “ships of half a kilometre long that would go into London Gateway or Felixstowe.” The additional capacity will allow the port to cater for more ships at a time rather than to allow larger container ships to dock.

Unfortunately no one’s saying where the money will come from for the project and no one’s mentioned a timescale so these additional jobs could be many year away. Of course redeveloping an area creates jobs of its own as architects and civil engineers do their bit but these are short lived projects rather than permanent positions so the area will only feel the benefit if the plans are carried through.

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