Door Security jobs available through agencies

There are many different types of security jobs available to licensed candidates. While occasionally security officers may be hired directly by the client, generally security jobs are filled through agencies. Those who wish to work in door security jobs are therefore advised to contact their local security agencies.

Door security positions can involve both day and night time shifts. The vast majority of office blocks and financial institutions require door security throughout the day. Additionally many public shopping centres, supermarkets and hotels also employ door security staff. The pay scales for daytime door security staff can vary, depending on the position in question and the terms of the agency. Generally security staff in these locations are required to wear uniforms. While their duties primarily involve from monitoring entrances and exits to the premises, they may also be required to monitor CCTV feeds and to patrol the area.

Of course many door security jobs are available in pubs and night clubs. The staff who work in these capacities are required to control entry to night clubs and public houses during the night. They are generally required to check identification and to control the number of patrons on the premises. They may also refuse entry should the deem it appropriate.

Regardless of the particulars of the position, all door security roles require the staff to be presentable, courteous and polite at all times. They must also be fully licensed with the Security Industry Authority, at sia.homeoffice.gov.uk. There are a number of security agencies providing employment in the UK, such as allsafesecurityservices.co.uk and onenationsecurity.co.uk.

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