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We know that being a student has its good times, but being a student can also be difficult as you have to support yourself financially. This might mean you have to get a part time job. The aim of this article, ' Doncaster jobs for studentsJobs with a difference ', is to let you know about some great job opportunities for students.

Festival work has become very popular with students in recent years. It can be a very fun and entertaining job allowing you to meet thousands of new people from all walks of life. All festivals need a range of staff to ensure that event runs smoothly. Just some of the positions you could think about applying to include bar work, ticket sellers, stewards or cleaners. To find out more about working at festivals this year, check out studentjob.co.uk.

Mystery shoppers are constantly required to work in Doncaster. The aim of a mystery shopper is to make a purchase in a shop and record and report back everything to do with your experience. The best thing about this position is that you get paid and get to go shopping for free!

Fundraisers can be seen in most large shopping areas throughout the UK. This can be a very rewarding way to make good money part time. Selling a range of scratch cards and other items earns you high commission, which is added to a basic wage. You can travel the country and meet loads of exciting new people on your way.

To find out more about student jobs in Doncaster, log onto studentjob.co.uk.

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