Need help finding a Doncaster job?

Doncaster is a large town with an abundance of employment opportunities. There are several industries located in the town, and they're constantly creating new vacancies. You should have no trouble finding a Doncaster job, if you're interested in joining the workforce.

Call centre jobs are very popular in Doncaster. BT has a huge call centre in the town, and they're always looking for new recruits. The beauty of call centre jobs is you can pick them up without having any qualifications or experience.

Call centre staff with BT promote home phone lines, broadband and digital TV services. The most important skills to possess for working in the call centre industry include communication and listening skills, an excellent phone manner and computer literacy.

Almost all call centre employees start off on the minimum wage, but this can improve dramatically if you're promoted to a supervisor position.

Factory jobs are also widely available in Doncaster. There are several major companies in the town providing a large number of general operative positions.

Portola Packaging is one of the main employers in Doncaster. They produce plastic caps and closures for a range of industries and distribute them to almost 40 countries around the world. Portola Packaging are constantly on the lookout for new staff, so get your CV in there today.

Like call centre jobs, general operative positions in factories can be picked up fairly easily. Wages for general operatives in most factories in the UK are around £7 an hour, and there's usually plenty of over-time available.

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