Domestic jobs and similar jobs

Domestic jobs and similar jobs are not that difficult to find, even in a recession, particularly if you are willing to work antisocial hours, and or work part time at several jobs in order to make a living wage.

Where to find domestic jobs

Domestic and similar jobs are often found at the job centre, as they are not that popular. No qualifications are required, but it does help if you can say you have done the work before. You can also find them fairly often in the Jobs section of local newspapers. It is also worth registering with private employment agencies, particularly those which specialise in domestic staff. Some of these are Marshallharber.com and Greycoatplacements.co.uk, which both specialise in domestic staff for private households. The magazine "The Lady" is also a good source of ads for this type of work.

What type of work is available?

Cleaners are needed everywhere from private households to schools to offices. There are also specialist cleaning companies, and they frequently need people to work for them. Likewise, kitchen work may be available in private households, schools, offices and so on. The work is fairly routine in most cases, although it can be hard work. Often cleaners are required early in the morning and/or late at night.

Are there any prospects?

It depends on the job. Often domestic and similar jobs are "dead-end jobs" with no possibility of promotion, but it depends on where you are working, and the job could lead to something more challenging.

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