Interview tips for a domestic cleaning job

A domestic cleaning job might seem straightforward enough. Unskilled applicants are often welcomed, and few qualifications are required. But securing a post still requires you to go through the interview process. All cleaning jobs require commitment and dedication, and domestic cleaning jobs in particular require that you have the right attitude for the job and that the employer feels they can trust you.


At your interview you must come across as keen. Domestic cleaning jobs come in all shapes and sizes so give the impression that you'll enthusiastically embrace all the tasks that get thrown at you – whether that involves vacuuming, polishing, mopping floors, sweeping or cleaning toilets.


Cleaning doesn't have the same long-term career aspirations as, say, office work. Nevertheless you must give the impression you are willing to commit to your position. In a domestic role, it's unlikely that the employer wants to find a new cleaner every few months - they're looking for a longer term commitment.


Even if you're naturally quiet, you'll have to sell yourself as a 'people person'. Cleaning jobs usually involve teamwork, so your employer will need to be assured about your communication qualities.


Cleaning positions are usually contracted out. Your employer will expect you to be able to work with minimal supervision, in a variety of different locations.

Going that extra mile!

Interviewers usually ask if you have your own queries or input. You'll really make an impression if you show an awareness of health and safety issues. Mention the importance of placing signs next to wet floors.


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