Where to find domestic assistant jobs in Aberdeen

Domestic assistant job

The domestic assistant job is a very caring and giving career option.

It is not the same as other care giving jobs as domestic assistants primarily help with the normal household chores rather than helping with personal needs.

Domestic assistants are there to help people to have the chance to stay in their own homes for as long as possible so they can live happily and comfortably.

This job helps to provide prolonged independence to elderly people or people with physical or mental disabilities who just need a bit of extra help around the home.

Where to find domestic assistant jobs in Aberdeen

Once you know the best places to look for domestic assistant jobs in Aberdeen then your chances of obtaining the job you want will be much easier.

If you want to search for current jobs online then check out these two great sites;

  • Jobs In Aberdeen (jobinaberdeen.com) is a great site to check regularly. They have a a cleaning/domestic section that you can search through and the site is always being updated with the latest opportunities.
  • Gum Tree (gumtree.com) is another good site to keep an eye on. They advertise posts for clients, and there are always new ones appearing. You can send your CV online or call the number provided to arrange an interview directly.

If you would prefer to search for jobs locally in Aberdeen by talking face to face or calling local employers then you can try the City Council;

  • The Aberdeen City Council will be able to help you find jobs and career opportunities in the area. You can call them on their general enquiries line on, 08456 080910 or you can visit one of their four local access points located around the city
  1. Marischal College Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB
  2. Mastrick Access Point, Spey Road, Mastrick, Aberdeen, AB16 6SH
  3. Kincorth Access Point, Provost Watt Drive, Kincorth, Aberdeen, AB12 5NA
  4. Woodside Access Point, Marquis Road, Aberdeen, AB24 2QY

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