Do you need qualifications to work at Apple store?

If you’re thinking of applying for a position at your local Apple store, you might be wondering what you’ll need to know in order to secure the job. Product knowledge would go down very well at the interview, so if you own an iPhone, iPad or an Apple-Mac computer, you’ll have a leg up on competitors who don’t. But do you need qualifications to work at Apple store?

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Apple doesn’t care about your qualifications. All they’re interested in is whether you can explain the products to customers. Around 90% of the firm’s customers don’t go beyond the basics, but you’ll be expected to know a lot more than that if you’re going to shine in your interview.

Interview process

Part of the interview process involves watching a presentation about the firm to introduce you to their culture. You’ll probably be faced with interviewers who are equally enamoured with the American technology firm so if you’re mumbling and unsure, they probably won’t invite you back for a second interview.

How to impress

Customer service is the byword for Apple Store so focus on any work experience you have that showcases your ability with customers. For Apple soft skills like the ability to speak to customers are more important than product knowledge because you can be taught all about the firm’s product line.

Lots to learn

This is a company that is prepared to teach their employees about their products and their customers. You may know a lot about the Apple product line, but the typical issues their customers experience isn’t something you’ll be aware of until you’re taken on. This is a job where you’ll be expected to interact with a 12 year old who’s interested in learning about HTML and then speak to a 65 year old who’s never used a mouse before, which is why people skills are the top priority.

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