Learn about distance learning science GCSE

A distance learning science GCSE can arm you with the knowledge and qualifications you need to launch a new career. Lots of careers and further education courses specify a science GCSE as a prerequisite to applying - and you may need to gain this qualification before you can move your career or education to the next level. Or perhaps you've always had an interest in science and would like to expand your knowledge and gain a recognised qualification to boost your CV. Whatever your reasons for applying for a science GCSE, adult learners often face a range of difficulties when returning to education, particularly after long periods away.

Often the most significant problem is trying to fit studying around your current commitments, which may include a full time job or caring for a family. Many colleges offer evening classes, but even then it can be hard to commit to a changed routine.

Distance learning therefore provides an ideal solution. You can fit your studies around your life and can choose when and where you want to log on and study. Mobile devices and mobile internet mean that you can even study on the commute to work!

However, distance learning GCSEs aren't for everyone. Although you'll have an online tutor and probably message boards and chat rooms where you can interact with other students, you won't have the same support that you would get in a classroom environment. Distance learning can feel isolating. But if you've got the dedication, commitment and drive, it can be the ideal learning method for you.


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