Discover jobs in Leicestershire

Leicestershire is a large area and there are excellent employment opportunities to be availed of here. Leicester City is the epicentre of commerce in Leicestershire and has the highest amount of job vacancies by far. The great news is you can find jobs in Leicestershire in a few minutes online.

Jobcentre Plus in Leicester grants you access to the number one source of vacancies in the UK. It caters to every industry and the vacancies available range from CEOs to pot scrubbers.

You can browse through the vacancies available with Jobcentre Plus on the DirectGov website, or drop into one of the local offices in Leicestershire. Leicester City's local office can be found at 2A New Walk.

It couldn't be any easier to search for jobs in Leicestershire with Jobcentre Plus. All you have to do is type in a job category and the area you want to work in; the results will give you every vacancy within a 15 mile radius of that area.

If you select 'all jobs', you can browse through every vacancy in Leicester, or any other area. You can also search through thousands of jobs from other recruitment agencies with Jobcentre Plus by picking 'jobs from other sources' from the drop-down menu.

The staff at Jobcentre Plus are highly trained in employment matters and are worth having a chat to if you need any help in the jobs market. They'll be able to offer you expert advice on issues such as CV presentation and interview techniques.


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