Building design - engineering employment

Do you have what it takes for a building design engineering employment? Here are the two main branches of engineering in building construction:

  • Civil and structural engineering (C&S)
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E)

How to be a 'building designer'

Work in a consultant engineering firm

A building designer is better known as an Engineer. If you want to be an Engineer who designs, you should work in a consulting engineering firm as opposed to a contractor's company. The latter is in charge of building on site in accordance with the construction drawings or blueprints.

Design, sign and stamp on the drawings before distribution

You on the other hand, are in charge of designing and therefore, producing these drawings. The drawings are signed by a professionally certified Engineer and stamped with the company stamp before being distributed to the Client, Architect, other consultant Engineers, Quantity Surveyor and the Main Contractor.

Don't confuse an Engineer with an Architect

An Architect designs the architectural elements of a building such as the facade, doors and windows, wall and floor finishing and so on.

If you are a C&S Engineer, you design the structural elements of a building such as beams and columns. If you are a Mechanical Engineer, you design the plumbing and sanitary works, etc. An Electrical Engineer is concerned with lighting, power outlets and so on.

How to qualify as an Engineer

If you want to be the person who signs on the drawings, you must be certified by a professional body. This generally requires a few years of working experience in addition to an engineering degree.

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