Looking for Derby work: a guide to finding work in Derby and surrounding areas

If you are looking for work in Derby, there are various things you need to do before you start. Firstly, make sure your CV is up to date. Then, make sure you will look neat and tidy if you get a job interview.This need not involve spending a lot of money; you can buy cheap suits at Primark or in the market in Derby city centre. Now you are ready to start looking...

The Job Centre

This should always be your first port of call, whatever type of job you are looking for. You can register here, and also see what types of jobs are available. The Derby Job Centre is located at 10 Normanton Road in the city centre.

Recruitment Agencies

Derby has a selection of the larger recruitment agencies, most of them situated in the town centre, within the inner ring road. A good one to try is key Personnel on Old Blacksmiths Yard. There are also some specialised agencies. If you live outside Derby, or want to work in more outlying areas, it is worth trying agencies in the smaller towns nearly. DI Recruitment in Ashbourne tends to have jobs in Derby, as well as some in Matlock, Ashbourne, Buxton, and other Peak District towns.

Derby Work Online

There are a number of job agencies on the internet, and some are specific to Derby, like derbyjobs.co.uk. This is Derbyshire also has a jobs section.

Contact Derby Companies

There are a number of large companies in and around Derby. Rolls Royce is one of the main employers in the area, and the local council often has jobs. If you are willing to travel, JCB is based at Rocester. And of course there are all the main retail stores within the city.

Good luck with the job hunting.

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