Deciding whether self employment jobs are for you

With today's increasingly hectic lifestyle, it is no wonder that many people are handing in their full-time, salary-based job for self employment. Jobs that fall under the category of self-employment are limitless; any job in which you work for yourself and contract out your services can be considered a self-employed role. So - what are your options?

What are your options?

The best way to earn money in a self-employed capacity is to do something that you are good at or enjoy doing. After all, what you deem to be a fun pastime that you find easy to carry out may be a task that someone else dreads and finds exceedingly difficult. Consider your skills - are you a proficient writer, editor, photographer, musician, sculpter? Perhaps you are currently employed full-time as an expert financial advisor, accountant, website designer or marketing executive. If so, what's to stop you from setting up your own company and going self-employed, using your skills to earn your own business? Decide what you want to do, then move on to the next stage and start looking for some customers to sell your services to.

Testing the Water

Once you've narrowed down what it is you want to do, before you go and hand in your notice you will want to find some small contracts to start with to test the water. Consider registering with websites such as oDesk.com and PeoplePerHour.com - these two websites work as a social media marketplace, allowing you to bid for contracts, both small and large. Try to sell your skills/services for a good entry-level price and gain some starter contracts. This allows you to start building up a historic contracts list that you can use when selling your services. After all, nobody really likes being a guinea pig when buying services, but if the price is low they may choose to.

Decision time

Once you've tested the water in these two websites, you'll be able to see what the marketplace is like for your expertise/services. If there is plenty of business, you should set up a website and advertise or, if there is plenty on oDesk and PeoplePerHour, you may be able to gain an honest income from these two sites alone. If there's plenty of work, continue building up a client-base and, once you're earning enough money, then you'll be able to decide whether it's time to hand in your employed notice and work for yourself. You'll also discover whether self employment jobs are for you, or if being your own boss wasn't all you thought it would be.

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