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  • Director jobs in construction

    Director jobs in construction

    Looking for a director job in construction? Read on for all the latest employment opportunities around the UK

  • Sales director jobs

    Sales director jobs

    Looking for a new sales director job? Read on for the latest jobs news and employment opportunities

  • Project Engineer jobs

    Project Engineer jobs

    Job hunting for some project engineer work? Read through our article for some positions available

  • Recruitment consultant jobs

    Recruitment consultant jobs

    Looking for a new recruitment consultant job? Read on for some positions available

  • Head chef jobs

    Head chef jobs

    Job hunting for a new head chef job. Read on for some information on positions available

  • UK unemployment rises to 7.9%

    UK unemployment rises to 7.9%

    Figures signal a rough ride for the public sector.

  • Find a Part Time Job to suit you

    Find a Part Time Job to suit you

    Are you too busy with your passionate pursuits and can’t commit to a full time job? Looking to earn a little extra income but can’t spare the time for an 8 to 5 work schedule? Are you looking for a part time job? We have an extensive list of available positions that may match just the kind of job that you had in mind. We’ve got freelance positions, project-based assignments, or straightforward moonlighting opportunities in a variety of industries including Information Technology, Teaching, or the Service Industry jobs.

  • We look at jobs in Bristol

    We look at jobs in Bristol

    Bristol is England sixth most populated city, located in the South West of the country. One of Britain’s major seaports, Bristol has a long history of importance in the markets of wool cloth, fish, wine, grain and dairy. Later, tobacco and plantation goods were also important.

  • Search for Jobs in the UK

    Search for Jobs in the UK

    Are you are looking for or thinking of changing your career? Selecting the perfect job is never easy, but we have the best vacancies currently on the market, in all fields and sectors, such as, finance, construction, public positions, hospitality as well as legal and medical and many more.

  • Here's where to look for your next managerial job!

    Here's where to look for your next managerial job!

    Are you struggling to find a management job in your area? No need to worry, we’re here to help you out! Have a look at the following websites we have selected for you, with hundreds of positions available nationwide.

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