Where to find Debenhams jobs in Bath

If you are planning to work in the retail industry, you might want to get Debenhams jobs in Bath. Debenhams offer competitive rates for managerial positions as well as a host of other jobs to include company pension and staff discounts. For some positions though, you may be required to work shifts and must be available 7/7.

Available jobs

Debenhams jobs in Bath are announced on their website (www.debenhams-jobs.com) and also on major dailies. If there is a store opening in an area, recruitment campaign is launched five months before the shop is set to open. You’ll also find these vacancies listed on job sites such as Indeed and Monster.

  • Current jobs in Bath

At the moment, there are three openings in Bath for careers at Debenhams:

1. Restaurant Assistant– this is a permanent position for part-time hours of 16 per week. The pay range is from £5.28 to 6.49 per hour. As an RA you’ll be responsible for ensuring the café/restaurant runs smoothly. You are also expected to have full product knowledge of the menu offerings, manage the tills, clear dishes, host clients, and prepare food.

2. Sales Adviser – the position involves working 8 hours a week on a part-time basis with an hourly wage from £5.28 to 6.49. The sales adviser is the first contact point of customers. Hence, you will promote products and services, as well as account and beauty cards. You are also expected to offer ways to enhance in-store and online shopping experience.

3. Sales Manager - this is a full-time position of 39 hours per week. Salary is competitive with industry standards. As a sales manager, you are going to report to the store manager. Essentially, the sales manager will lead the sales team in delivering excellent customer service and max out sales opportunities.

Other interesting work and tips

There are other interesting Debenhams jobs in Bath that could come up in the future. Examples of different retail industry jobs include personal shopper, driver, selling support manager, store manager, loss prevention assistant, security assistant, stock movement assistant, merchandise assistant, restaurant supervisor, and wedding gift adviser. The conditions vary like temp jobs require you to work from 5 to 16 hours per week with hourly rates from £4.98 to 7.07. Sign-up for email alerts on the site if you are interested in future vacancies or are even thinking of switching careers.

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