David Miliband quits British politics for dream charity job in the US

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Former foreign secretary David Miliband has dropped a bomb yesterday by announcing he’s swapping British politics for a chief executive job with US-based global charity ‘International Rescue Committee’ (IRC) which provides support to victims of conflict.

Apparently fed up of the “permanent pantomime” effect of playing in the same field as his brother Ed Miliband, who beat him in 2010 to the Labour leadership by a small margin, David has decided to take a completely different career path to distance himself from the straining dynamics brought about by their political antagonism within the party. Commenting on David Miliband’s decision, Ed has declared: “We went through a difficult leadership contest but time has helped to heal that. I will miss him”, adding that British politics will be a poorer place without his brother.

Nevertheless, Londoner David doesn’t seem too regretful about choosing the new career path over a potential return to the Shadow Cabinet. “I hope you will understand that the opportunity to lead the IRC represents a unique chance to put my experience into practice on behalf of some of the least fortunate people on Earth” he said, ”the organisation was founded at the suggestion of Albert Einstein in the 1930s for those fleeing the Nazis, so given my own family history there is an additional personal motivation for me. I feel that in doing this job I will be repaying a personal debt.”

His resignation will have some repercussions in the South Tyneside’s constituency of South Shields, where he has been an MP since 2001, prompting a byelection which will be most likely held in May.

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