Locating Data Entry Jobs in Coventry UK

Looking through the newspaper want ads for data entry jobs Coventry UK, can be tedious and frustrating. Doing your job search on the Internet can provide much more information. Entering the search term of ‘data entry jobs Coventry’ on your favorite search engine will yield many organisations with job listings for you to look through.

A Collection of Job Listings

Jobisjob.co.uk, indeed.co.uk and 1stjob.co.uk are sites that offer compiled listings from a large number of recruitment agencies. You will find most agencies offer data entry jobs with no fee to you. With the number of recruitment agencies these sites list offer job openings for, you will find a greater diversity of opportunities.

How the Sites Work

This job sites are set up much like a regular search engine. You can search by keyword for job type and location or even search for openings at specific companies. You can also input the kind of salary you are looking for. It is also possible to search for data entry jobs from home. You will find many BPOs and phrama companies offering freelance data entry jobs.

Salary Expectations

Salary for data entry jobs usually start at around £6.50 an hour. Depending on your experience in the field you can expect to make more. Many job listings you will find state that the salary is negotiable, but making inquiries will often provide information on the salary range being offered. Searching online for data entry jobs Coventry UK can provide many places to send your curriculum vitae.

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