CV tips for jobs housekeeping and cleaning

Jobs housekeeping and cleaning are an opportunity for interesting and rewarding work. Here are five great tips that will really make your CV stand out.


The first step towards securing housekeeping jobs is a CV that will instantly convey a professional image. There is not really a definitive layout, but there are many excellent examples you can research, or even download from the internet.

Contact details

Ensure that your name and contact details are included foremost. If you have an email address it would be worthwhile including this. If you have any queries about the housekeeping post, dropping the employer an informal email should be no problem. If anything, it will convey keenness.


Within your CV you should include an objective statement relating your goals and aspirations. As housekeeping jobs can vary tremendously, tie this is with the particular post you are interested in. After this statement list your educational history, including all qualifications and grades. Those which are relevant to the post should appear at the top.


It is important to give the impression that you have a lot of experience, even in fields that are not directly relating to housekeeping. There are many universal skills which your employer will recognise are readily transferable to housekeeping: organisation, time management, and multi-tasking, to name a few.

Tip: even if you have no housekeeping skills, everyone has homemaking skills. Think of what you can do well in your own home.


Include contact details of at least two references who can speak positively about your suitability.


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