CV photo tips

In the UK, having a photo on your CV isn’t common but there are some jobs where it’s essential. Discrimination laws means that you don’t need to include a photo on your CV as an image could make the recruiter decide on who to see for interview based on looks, age or ethnicity. But as the job market is so competitive, it can’t hurt to include an image. Most CV photo tips suggest that you should keep the image simple and professional but that’s not the right way to go for all industries.
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PR and advertising

For most jobs the formal portrait is the only option but for some roles a less formal image is required. In the PR and advertising industries presentation is everything. Having the right “look” is an important element of the job and having the right style isn’t just shown in your clothing. Your attitude is also important, so a less formal image would work well but make sure that it’s still only showing your head and shoulders.

Professional image

Some candidates actually get a professional image commissioned before they apply for a job. Although that makes a lot of sense if you’re looking for modelling work or something in PR, there’s no real point in doing that for other types of roles. Be aware that a recruitment consultant will probably discard the image before forwarding your CV on and that could also be the case with HR departments who vet CVs.

Final word

Don’t agonise over the CV image, your time is far better spent putting together a killer CV that will get you an interview. You can present yourself in the interview. Overall though, presentation and appearance aren’t as important as skill and ability. If you don’t want to end up wondering if you got your job based on looks, take the photo off.

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