Working customer services call centres jobs in London

Trying to find a job with the current state of the economy can be a very difficult task, especially in London. However, if you want to earn some money and fill in what could end up being a blank space on your CV then a call centre job could be just what you need.

The reason there are so many call centre jobs is because every company that deals with clients and sales will have to provide some form of customer services. These customer service lines provide support in a number of different areas, including complaints, general inquiries and sales. Some call centres may even offer a quota as an incentive for you to work harder. This could entitle you to bonuses if you gain a certain amount of positive feedback. You may even find that you will have the freedom to work hours that suit you, however this will depend on the company you are working for and their opening/closing hours.

A call centre will often provide you with a personal computer, headset, telephone and script. This way you will be able to deal with people via different mediums, such as live chat and email. The script will cover all aspects of what you will have to deal with and will give you the answer to any questions that might be asked by the client.

Customer services and call centres jobs in London are a great way to get involved with business as you get to explore the inner workings of a company. Promotions are also very common, often with agents being promoted to managerial positions.


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