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Are you looking for a customer service call centre Scotland career? Despite high unemployment in the UK, the call centre industry in Scotland is booming. There are currently 105,000 people who work in Scotland's call centres and the industry is worth £2.2 billion a year.

Scotland has over 450 call centres. The single biggest call centre employer in Scotland, satellite broadcaster BSkyB, employs 6,000 people. Other large call centres include IBM, 02 and NHS 24. The majority of these companies choose to locate in Scotland, due to the fact that the staff can understand colloquial English. This has been a problem in the past as work was outsourced to India and they could not understand the different dialects of the UK's population.

However, it must be noted that this career is not for everyone. The job is repetitive and thankless, often dealing with rude or irate customers. A great personality with dealing with members of the public is required. There is little opportunity for career progression and the starting salary is quite low.A new employee can expect to earn an average of £12,721.

This leads to a high turnover of staff and employee demoralisation as progression opportunities are quite limited. However, due to high unemployment in Scotland these jobs are still much sought after.

So if you are considering a career in a Scottish call centre, it is worth noting the low salary and the temperament that is required. If you think you have what it takes, apply to one of the above companies in hope of securing employment.

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