We take a look at customer service call centre Greater Birmingham careers

Working in a call centre is a great career choice. Focusing on customer service, you will be the voice of the company and will help customers with problems or issues with their products or services. You will find customer service call centre Greater Birmingham careers in a number of places.

You will find the latest job advertisements on job recruitment websites. This is the quickest way of finding loads of job offers. One of the best websites to visit is jobisjob.co.uk. You could also have a look at a more local website such as mybirminghamjobs.co.uk. The good thing about this website is that you can focus in more on looking in certain districts.

Recruitment agencies are also worth visiting. Simply drop in with your most recent CV and have a chat with a recruitment specialist. They will then search their job database and set you up with an interview if there is a suitable position. Check out any of the following agencies:

  • Blue Arrow, 61 New Street, Birmingham
  • Office Team, 8 Cheery Street, Birmingham
  • Prime Time Recruitment, 3 Newhall street, Birmingham

In a call centre, you can expect to earn anything up to £7 an hour. If you are looking to make a career out of working in a call centre, you could be promoted to the position of team leader. A few years' experience is usually all that is needed as full training is provided by your company. Team leaders could earn up to £10 per hour in their first year of work.


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