Quick guide to getting a job in customer service

One of the commonest recruitment areas in the UK is for customer service jobs. Here's our guide to the likeliest questions you'll be asked at an interview and the skills that you'll need to emphasise...

IT skills

Today's customer service posts rely on technology. Most organisations deal with customers via telephone systems or the internet. It is absolutely guaranteed that your interview panel will want to gauge your IT skillset. So brush up on the basic packages that are out there for word processing, spreadsheets, data management – basically, get to know software applications. If you're not that familiar, find a computer and use its search engine. You'll quickly get up to speed.


Your employer will want to know that you can be relied upon to deal with even the most basic arithmetic problems.

Language skills

Customer service jobs are all about communication. Expect to be questioned about your written and oral language experience. This is something you'll be able to demonstrate at the interview itself – be concise and articulate, just as if you were dealing with a customer.


The customer service department of any organisation will rely on a pool of staff. You'll be expected to be a team player, capable of forging excellent working relationships with colleagues, with line management, and, above all, with potential customers.


The CV you submitted with your application will form the cornerstone of any interview. Your potential employer will expect you to be able to talk confidently about previous positions. Where possible, highlight past experience that is relevant to the customer service job you are now interested in.


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