Top CV writing tips for a customer service job

Are you interested in a customer service job? Your CV may be the only opportunity you have to make a first impression on an employer. In today's competitive job market, it's more important than ever that your CV is polished, targeted and impressive. Here are some tips on writing a CV specifically for a customer service job...

  • Customer service workplaces tend to be fast paced. An employer therefore won't have the time to sift through pages of largely irrelevant information in order to find the parts that they need. You should aim to make your CV as relevant and focused as possible - think of it as an opportunity to summarise your most impressive experience, qualifications and achievements. Omit anything that's not relevant to the customer service position you are interested in.
  • When it comes to customer service, there are no set qualifications that will prepare you for your career - different people bring different knowledge bases. What really counts is your career experience, so put your work history before your qualifications on your CV.
  • A wide range of jobs can be related to customer service, and it's likely that you've picked up some relevant skills in your career history - even if you haven't been employed in a similar role before. Jobs in retail, hospitality or a call centre are all types of customer service roles. Use your CV to draw attention to any transferable skills that you may have gained that are relevant to customer service. You can do this is a series of bullet points under the job title.


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