Take a Trial Run with a CSCS Mock Test

If you want to work in the construction insudtry then taking a CSCS mock test is the first step in you getting certified by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. Passing the CSCS entitles you to an identification card that is recognised throughout the UK and proves that you are up to standard as a construction worker.

Free Mock Tests Online

Modern standards dictate that everybody on a building site has all thier badges and credentials before being allowed to start their days work. The CSCS card is the foremost recognised form of identification indicating that you, as a construction worker, are a good fit for the job you have been contracted to indertake.

To get a card you need to take a CSCS test which will verify your qualifications and test your knowledge of health and safety in your field. The test itself costs £17.50 and the CSCS card costs a further £30. A mock CSCS test can prove invaluable before putting up your money for the real test and could be the decisive factor in passing or failing.

It is good preparation to put yourself through a CSCS mock test online and you can find plenty of these available for free. A good place to start is constructioncardmocktest.com where they have a list of mock questions and study materials. You can work through the list of questions for health and safety and become familiar with the multiple choice style format of the real test.

Another valuable resource is www.cscstests.co.uk/exam-questions where you can complete a full mock exam for free on the website. They have useful exam tips and give an all round representation of what to expect come test day.

New Version of the CSCS Test

The previous incarnation of the CSCS health and safety test was replaced by the Health, Safety and Environment test in April of 2012 so if you have taken the CSCS test previous to this date, it is vital you take a CSCS mock test to become familiar with the new format and content.

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