What you should know about cruise ship jobs UK 2013

How would you like to enjoy the cool ocean breeze and experience the excitement of travels to exotic destinations across the world while at the same time making a living doing it? If you would love that, then working aboard a cruise ship or liner would be a perfect fit for you. Cruise ships are constantly looking for people to hop on board and take up the many cruise ship employment opportunities available. Here’s what you should know about cruise ship jobs UK in 2013.

Cruise ship job qualifications

There are literary hundreds of cruise ship jobs UK 2013 that you can apply for if you have the right skills or qualifications. Just like with any other job opportunity, cruise ship job opportunities may require some qualifications or skills, such as skills in maritime, retail sector, hospitality and medicine. Other positions may even require some level of experience in a related field.

However, there are many entry level positions on cruise ships that don’t require specialised skills or experience. This means you will still be able to find a cruise ship job even if you are a high school graduate or student. The only thing to do if you are up for some money and a bit of adventure onboard cruise ships is find cruise ship job vacancies that are most appropriate to you and your qualifications or skills and apply for them.

Cruise ship job opportunities

Modern cruise ships and liners are like small towns. They can hold more than 2,000 guests and have more than 3,000 staff. You can imagine the multitude of job opportunities available on a single ship. The sectors onboard cruise ships that offer the most common job opportunities include:

- Hotel facilities with jobs like reception, cabin crew, butlers and housekeeping

- Restaurants with jobs like chefs, waiters, kitchen staff and barmen

- Salons and spas with jobs like hair stylists and massage therapists

- Leisure centres with jobs like lifeguards and swimming instructors

- Gyms with jobs like personal trainers and yoga instructors

- Casinos with jobs like security, dealers and hospitality personnel, and

- Engine department with jobs like wipers, oilers and engineers

There is no shortage of opportunities onboard cruise ships.

Securing a job onboard a cruise ship

Decide the cruise ship job sector you would like to work in and find the best cruises offering opportunities in those specific areas. The internet is a good place to start searching for the cruise ship job opportunity you want. Ensure you apply for jobs that you meet the minimum qualification and skill requirements to avoid disappointments.

Cruise ship jobs UK 2013 present glamorous options with great pay and a wider variety of ports and new ship classes. If you are up to it, cruise ships employment opportunities can turn out to be a wonderful and rewarding permanent career path.

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