Croupier Jobs: Your very own Casino Royale

If there is one group of people in a casino that have the best of both worlds then it is the croupiers. It is in essence a people position and you get the best of both worlds by socialising while you work. We will give you some tips on the best places to look for croupier jobs.

Opportunities at Home and Abroad

If you are looking at croupier jobs in the UK then there are a few things you need to be aware of. First, you need to secure a licence from the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission regulates gambling throughout the UK and they are the only organisation that can provide you with an accepted licence. To acquire this licence, a candidate generally has to complete a paid, on the job course that will be subsidised by your employer. On this course, you will attain the skills needed to be a croupier and deal with your future customers.

Gaming Floor is a website dedicated to adevertising all sorts of casino job openings both in the UK and abroad. You can view each job posting to get all the relevant information in terms of skills needed and the application process. Go to www.gamingfloor.com/employ to view the casino jobs page which includes some croupier positions.

Indeed is a trusted job listing site across all sectors and casino work is no exception. You can narrow your search down by typing in croupier or casino dealer into the search box and you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of job openings in this industry. Visit www.indeed.co.uk to view croupier jobs near you.

Sail the High Seas

There are plenty of croupier jobs available to those willing to travel. Cruise ships are also a great way to save money as employees are given room and board as well as being at sea for long periods of time. A good resource to scope out croupier jobs on cruise ships is www.allcruisejobs.com where you can find them under either casino jobs or entertainment jobs.

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