We check out where you can apply for Criminology graduate jobs

Have you just qualified with a brand spanking new qualification in Criminology? People with your skills are always required in the UK to assist police with their inquiries, and we are here to help, pointing you in the direction of a few sites offering criminology graduate jobs for you to check out, so lets take a look.

Criminology is an especially difficult field to get your start in, but you can help yourself get started by checking out the following sites. The first of these is a site that will give you a broad idea of the type of careers you can expect to get with a criminology degree, and that site is the University of Kent's criminology page at kent.ac.uk/careers/criminology.htm. This site shows you the places people with your degree have found work, so it should provide a few ideas for places to send your CV in to.

Another site that will likely prove an extremely valuable resource for you on your Criminology job search is the British Society of Criminology and their site at britsoccrim.org/jobs.htm. The British Society of Criminology have a fantastic information section on how to spruce up your CV in an attempt to impress employers, and there is also a section with job postings for you to check out.

Finally, a good site that is devoted entirely to job openings in Criminology is Job Rapido, and they have extensive listings on their site at jobrapido.co.uk. It is well worth a look for anyone seeking a criminology job.


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