Spot credible work from home jobs

Sick of wading through scams and junk mail in order to find credible work from home jobs? It's easy to get frustrated when your job hunt is going nowhere. A genuine work from home job can seem too good to be true. And that's exactly the problem - job seekers often fail to notice that it's the scams that are too good to be true, and that the real work from home jobs are just as boring as any other vacancy! Here are some tips to help you spot those credible jobs...

  • Look in the right places. Don't be tempted by intrusive pop ups or junk mail promising work from home jobs. Real employers stick to tried and tested methods of recruiting: local newspapers, radio stations and websites. Many work from home employers will use low cost advertising on Gumtree or local sites, but by all means check to see what's on offer from large job search sites like Monster (monster.co.uk) and Total Jobs (totaljobs.co.uk).
  • Credible jobs will be with credible companies. Do a background check before you send off your application or submit personal information. Visit their website and check out the 'About us' section. Also see if you can find a physical address and phone number - these are often lacking from questionable websites. Seach online forums for feedback about the company. Former employees' opinions are especially useful.
  • Disregard any jobs that are promising huge returns for minimum work. These are likely to be re-vamped pyramid schemes. Genuine jobs offer realistic rates of pay for real work.

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