Learn to drive in a hurry with a crash course in driving

There are many reasons why a person would need to take a crash course in driving. Perhaps your job is requiring that you travel where public transportation isn’t available. Maybe you have company coming and you want to be able to show them around town. Whatever your reason, intensive driving courses can help get your driver’s license quickly and you can begin to take on all those driving jobs you haven’t been able to do.

Where to Look For Schools

To start off, take a look through the local telephone directory and see what is offered there. Call up a few and have your notepad ready to jot down pertinent information. Ask how many instructors they have, what cities they cover, prices, is there a charge for evening or weekends, do they pick you up and drop off, and of course, do they have intensive/crash courses.

The next place to look is the Internet. Here you will find dozens of driver training schools. A website will offer more information than the telephone book and you can learn more about the schools this way. They also provide telephone numbers so that you can call.

Websites from the Internet

The following driving schools all offer intensive driver training and are located all around the UK. Check with them to find a location near you, or search for driving schools in your city.

  • Britannia Driving School, Britannia-driving-school.co.uk, 0800 252 692
  • Keen Driving School, keendrivingschool.co.uk, 07956 541189
  • Intensive Driving UK, intensive-driving-uk.co.uk, 01472 31 32 33
  • Safeway UK, safewayuk.com, 0800 190 120
  • Drive Coach Driving School, drivecoach-driving-school.co.uk, 0800 228 9900
  • UK Intensive Driving Courses, UKintensivedrivingcourses.co.uk, 0845 370 7067


Of course, this will depend on how many hours of training you wish to purchase. Generally, the more hours you purchase, the lower the cost. The schools sometimes run specials where you can get 10 hours of training for as little as £95. For a crash course in driving, the fees run from 20 lessons for £380 to as much as £925 for 35 hours, but check with each school as prices vary a great deal.

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