CPR Training the UK

For some jobs, CPR training in the UK is required. Most employers will send someone one a health and safety course, mainly first aid, which trains the person in CPR. Most employers must at least have someone with first aid training, so having a CPR qualification from a short course can make you very employable as the company doesn't have to send someone off on the course for a few days if they hire you.

There are two ways you can go about obtaining CPR training the UK. The first is to be sent on a course by your employer - but this is only if your employer requires someone qualified in CPR in the workplace; they're more likely to need a first aid officer and won't send you on a course if you ask for it. Alternatively, you can apply to organisations to take a short course at a minimal fee and take a variety of CPR courses personally. British Red Cross (redcrossfirstaidtraining.co.uk) is one of the leading providers in CPR training with courses all over the country.

Some positions may require specialised CPR training, in which case you'll be sent on the course by an employer. If you work in a particular industry, however, you may want to take CPR training in that area so you have something impressive to put on your CV. Some of the types of CPR training you can receive are:

  • Emergency first aid at work (includes CPR)
  • First aid for child awareness
  • First aid for babies and children
  • Save a life (adult)
  • Emergency first aid for sports
  • Emergency first aid for teachers


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