Where to get CPR training

CPR training courses vary not just in terms of fees, but also what they consist of. Basic first aid or CPR courses allow you to perform emergency aid, including CPR, in sudden life-and-death situations. The best courses are those that follow the standard manual designed by the Resuscitation Council (UK).


The British Heart Foundation is one of the best places to learn CPR. This non-profit foundation does not charge individuals for learning CPR and first aid under its Heartstart scheme. The programme teaches individuals how to perform an accurate assessment of the patient or victim’s condition, do CPR if necessary, and help the patient recover from choking, serious bleeding or a heart attack. The programme may also be customised to suit kids as young as 3 to 4 years old, although the standard course is already suitable for kids age 10 years old and above.


If you want more options, however, you should check out the listings at eMagister. Its quick comparison chart includes a brief description of what kind of training you will get as well as where its training centres are located. Fees will be provided as well if they are not offered by request.

On this site, you will learn about all types of CPR training courses. There’s CPR Essentials, an online course from Critical Skills. For a 40-minute programme, you will pay £19. BLS Plus Ltd., on the other hand, offers a Shrewsbury-based AED & CPR course combined for £70. Keep in mind that both fees do not have VAT included.

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