Want a Cowdenbeath leisure centre job?

Despite the fact that the British economy is still struggling quite a bit, early suggestions that the leisure industry would collapse have proved to be somewhat wide of the mark. While some of the more expensive pursuits such as paintballing or skydiving have taken a substantial hit in the last few years, regular leisure activities such as swimming, running, climbing and gyms have actually increased in popularity due to the fact that people are starting to see them as real value for money when compared to other past times.

This is great news for anyone who thinks that they might fancy a Cowdenbeath leisure centre job. Cowdenbeath Leisure Centre is located on Pit Road in Cowdenbeath KY4 9NN and opens from 6.30 am to 10.00 pm Monday to Friday, and from 8.00 am to 8.30 pm at the weekends. With so much on offer for customers, it's no surprise that the centre requires quite a few members of staff in order to keep things ticking over.

However, those of you without any formal qualifications in fields such as physiotherapy, fitness therapy, swimming or experience as a fitness instructor will not be considered for positions that may put customers' well being at risk.

Instead you can look towards customer service positions. Just like in any customer service roles, you'll need to be friendly and outgoing and willing to put the customer first at all times. If you can do this, you can expect to earn in the region of £6.30 per hour for your time.

To check out the latest vacancies, we recommend calling into the leisure centre during office hours to speak with a member of management.

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