Top covering letter examples UK

Are you looking for covering letter examples UK? Beware - not all cover letter templates were created and equal. And remember that thousands of people have probably already downloaded the template - and employers won't be impressed if they've received a very similar letter from someone else!

Here is a short example of a covering letter. We've deliberately kept it vague - you should fill in the details yourself to ensure that your cover letter is totally unique and best presents your skills and qualities.

Paragraph One: Open with a strong summary of who you are and why the employer should hire you. The first sentence should summarise your current position and what you can offer a future employer. For example, "I am an operations analyst with over five year's experience in a commercial banking environment." It's not usually necessary to specify where you saw the job ad - and you can clarify which job you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

Paragraph Two: Relate your skills to the job criteria stated in the ad. Keep it succinct and punchy, and give short examples where useful.

Paragraph Three: Expand a little on why you would like to work for the company and what you could offer them. Three or four lines is usually enough.

Paragraph Four: Thank them for their time. You may also want to include your current notice period or dates when you'd be available for an interview.

After your name, type your phone number, even if this is included on your resume.

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