Writing cover letters for a hospitality job

Cover letters for a hospitality job are absolutely crucial to the success of your application. This is because in hospitality, personality matters a lot. And while personality is not easily conveyed in a CV or on an application form, it can be in a cover letter. Aim to strike a balance between personal and professional.

This below example shows how cover letters for hospitality jobs can strike this balance...

Dear [name of contact/manager],

I would love to be considered for the position of Waiting Staff in the Big Hotel.

I am passionate about good customer service and think that my commitment, professionalism and friendly demeanour would make me a good asset to your team.

As the captain of my college football club, I understand what it takes to maintain good teamwork. I realise the importance of good communication and flexibility in working together to achieve results.

Although I have not worked in a restaurant before, I have developed a number of transferable skills while working as a shop assistant. I gained experience with working with members of the public, learnt how to manage complaints and confidently handled cash.

As part of my Home Economics course in college, I have gained a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate. This has given me a good awareness about the importance of health and safety issues in a restaurant environment.

I have applied for this role because I think that a waiting job would be a good match for my skills and my personality. Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.

Kind Regards,

[Your name]

[Your email address]

[Your phone number]

The most common way to apply for hospitality jobs is to do so in person. Applicants normally enclose cover letters for the hospitality job plus a CV in an envelope and write the manager's name on it. You should try to deliver it to him/her personally. This gives you the opportunity to impress with your personality.

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