Cover letter writing for nursing jobs

Hospitals are busy places. So when you're applying for nursing jobs, keep it brief, relevant and leave an impression. Cover letter writing for nursing jobs is therefore an important aspect of the application.

Open with a brief introduction, summing up who you are professionally. For example, "I am a paediatric nurse with five years of experience". This should be a brief statement of your most impressive and relevant experience. Try to keep it to one sentence.

Specify which position you are applying for (and, if you are applying to a trust or agency, in what hospital). If you are applying via email, you can do this in the subject line.

Summarise your experience and skills and relate them to the vacancy you are applying for. Don't repeat the information on your CV - your cover letter is a chance to apply this information to the job vacancy and sell your skills to the employer.

Do mention any additional training that would separate you from the competition e.g. short courses.

Explain why you are applying for the vacancy. Focus on what you can offer to the hospital rather than what it can offer to you. This is what employers like to see.

Keep your cover letter brief - one A4 page as a maximum. Half a page is better - the best cover letters are normally only a few paragraphs long.

Sign off politely. Keep it traditional and thank them for their time - it's the little things that can leave a lasting impression.


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