Cover letter template for UK jobs

If you need some help writing your cover letter, you may be interested in a cover letter template. But UK employers are seeing less and less diversity in the cover letters they receive, as more and more applicants use common internet templates to base their cover letters around. This gives you a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and write something totally unique that will grab the employer's attention and make them keen to invite you to interview.

That's why we've kept this template quite general - you'll find suggestions for what to write but you won't find anything written for you. So here goes...

  • The opening line should be punchy and sum up who you are professionally. There's no need to say where you saw the job advertised or what position you are applying for - you can do this in the subject line of the email. These are weak openers and don't grab the employer's attention in the same way that a short pitch like: "I am a market manager with over five years' experience in the digital media field" does.
  • Your first paragraph should summarise why you'd be perfect for the role. Keep it brief, highlighting only your most impressive and relevant achievements - remember that the employer can read more in your CV.
  • The second paragraph should tie in your skills and experience with the job criteria laid out in the job ad.
  • The final paragraph should describe why you want to work with this company.
  • Close by thanking them for their time.


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