Writing a cover letter for retail jobs

When working in retail, your personality counts for a lot. To be successful, you've got to have a genuine passion for the products or services that you are selling, plus excellent customer service skills. A CV can only say so much about your personality - so a good cover letter for retail jobs is crucial.

But how can a good cover letter for retail jobs be defined? That's a tricky question because retail roles can vary so much - within and between organisations. However, a good retail cover letter should always be professional, enthusiastic and memorable. Here is a sample cover letter for a retail assistant position.

Dear [name of contact],

Your recent advertisement for a Retail Assistant caught my eye because I feel that I can offer exactly the kind of skills and experience that you are looking for.

I have one year of experience working in the retail sector, and during this time I developed a number of skills that I believe would make me an asset to your team.

I have a subtle but effective selling technique and a passion for good customer service. I know what it takes to keep a customer coming back for more, and my keen eye for detail ensures that products are always impeccably presented.

One of the reasons that this job appeals to me is because I have a keen interest in fashion. I am determined to make the move into fashion retail and your brand is one of the biggest players in that industry.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kind Regards,

[Your name]

[Your email address]

[Your phone number]

Before you write a cover letter for retail jobs, think about the brand of the store that you are applying to. What kind of store is it? Is it trendy, reliable, knowledgeable, fun? Recruiters will look for staff that embody the best characteristics of the brand, so try to reflect this in your cover letter.

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