Cover letter for new grad nursing job

Training to be nurse involves a lot of study and hands-on. Alas, graduation is only one hurdle to negotiate. Now comes the business of actually applying for full-time positions. The good news is that your cover letter for a new grad nursing job is not too daunting. If you master the basic skills, you should impress any potential manager.

What is the usual format for a covering letter

There are signs NHS vacancies are on the rise. Even so, for any vacancy you apply for, your letter his hardly likely to be the only one in the in-tray.

But if you ensure your cover letter for a new grad nursing job follows a formal template, you are at least in with a shout. Your content should also be concise, imparting maximum information in minimum time. So what are the key points?

  • - Employer detailsA simple point. You place the addressee's name and details at the very top. Check the spelling, particularly if the surname is not familiar, or obviously of foreign origin. Attention to detail counts in your favour.
  • - The all-important contentIn your opening paragraph, briefly explain why you wishto apply for this post, what relevant experience you have, and what your goals are.In the body of the letter you can go on to elaborate on aspects such as any training you have specialised in, and which clinical areas have been your focus. Draw out particular skills you have accumulated, especially where this has involved teamwork, dealing with superiors, delegating tasks, and interfacing with patients.
  • - RecommendationsIf you have received letters of recommendation from instructors during your nursing training, these can be enclosed with your covering letter.

How to wind up your covering letter

Ensure your cover letter for a new grad nursing job finishes on a high. Keep the final paragraph succinct, emphasising the passion and experience you will bring to your employer's department. Mention the fact you intend to politely follow-up your application in the next week, if you to arranging a time where you could introduce yourself.

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