Cover letter for engineering internship

Provided you possess the ambition and willingness to learn new technologies, a career in engineering can be extremely rewarding. There are many companies that will offer to train you while you study for your engineering qualifications. In order to qualify for this hands-on training, you'll first need to produce a quality cover letter for an engineering internship.

The important aspects of your cover letter

As with the accompanying letter you would enclose with any job application, the cover letter for your engineering internship must stand out from the pile on any in-tray.

One of the first things to concentrate on is the basic layout. This is your introduction, where you create an impression to your potential employers. They will expect to invest considerable time and expenses on putting you through the development process. So you will need to convey an impression of confidence and willingness to learn.

- The Basics

Your cover letter for your enginnering internship should never be a duplicate of something similar you've already sent to some other company. Originality is the key. By all means work from a tried and tested template, as long as you change all the relevant information. A personal touch will often appeal to your prospective employer.

Check spelling in all instances, particularly with contact and company names and addresses.

Do not get too wordy. Far better to keep your resume brief and to the point. Three or four short and easy to read paragraphs will do the trick. It is also important to use a standard typeface to keep your letter professional looking. Avoid fancy scripts and stick to something like Times New Roman or Arial, in legible 12 point text.

- Research

Find out as much as possible about the company you are applying for an internship from. What type of engineering to they specialise in? Is the company expanding or liable to be shedding jobs and the near future?

Big-up your own background

Obviously any cover letter for an engineering internship shoud avoid unecessary boasting. But there is a balance to be struck between over-confidence and simply being proud of your engineering potential. In your covering letter you should outlinr all your achievements during your studies so far. Relevant qualifications should be to the fore, as well as practical aspects of engineering you are familiar with, eithert through school or college, or your home life.

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