Cover Letter Examples for Teachers

There's no single set of cover letter examples for teachers that would ideally suit the position you're after. Some organisation require their own application, or use a different process before interviews; you should use the following information for guidance, but used discretion when applying for jobs and make personalised applications for each.

Templates and Formatting

Most cover letter examples for teachers offer a standard template and formatting. If you're sure your position doesn't require any personalisation or extra attention to detail, you can use cover letter formats stored in Microsoft Word or designs from the Internet.

If you don't have a cover letter template, the best way to format your cover letter is to start by writing your first name, address and contact details aligned to the left. Then, using the right alignment, write the date, the person you're addressing the letter to and their company address.

To keep your cover letter professional, format the body of your text are 'justified'. Finish your letter with space to sign just above your printed named.


When writing a cover letter for teaching positions, include the following information in order:

  • The job you're applying for and briefly why you're applying;
  • What you do presently and how this applies to the position at hand;
  • What you did at college, what other experience you have and a brief overview of your relevant qualifications;
  • Your goal and how you want to positively influence their school.

When writing brief examples or previous experience in your cover letter, always relate these to the position you're applying for. Don't put too much information into the cover letter; it should be a 'teaser' for the CV your employer will read later.

General Advice

Cover letter examples for teachers shouldn't be copied from the Internet; they should be personalised and written originally, to show you flare and passion for the job. You should try and limit your cover letter to 5 - 6 paragraphs, at 3 lines each, and only include the most relevant information for the position. Conclude your cover letter positively and let them know you look forward to hearing from them.

You can also find examples of cover letters for teachers at tes.co.uk (official teaching website), bc.edu for information about teaching positions and writing job applications or snc.edu/career/education/coverletter.html for recent graduates.

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