Applying for Coventry City Council part time jobs

Coventry City Council is a large government-run organisation, which is responsible for the provision of a number of public services in the Coventry area. Those who are interested in teaching, administration and social care may find that Coventry City Council has a range of part time jobs to suit them.

Those who enquire into Coventry City Council part time jobs will note that there are many vacancies for Adult Education Tutors. These part time positions cover a wide range of topics, such as Ballroom Dancing, Maths and Yoga. Candidates for these positions should hold relevant experience and qualifications in their chosen field.

Additionally a number of primary school teaching jobs are also advertised through the Coventry City Council jobs site, which are of course suitable for qualified teachers. Jobseekers will also find administrative roles on offer with Coventry City Council, such as positions for managers and coordinators.

While each position has its own individual prerequisites and requirements, applications can be submitted for all of the part time jobs with Coventry City Council through the same channels. Candidates can apply online, or they may choose to ring the Coventry City Council's Jobs Line to request an application pack. The forms in this pack must be completed and returned to the council's HR department. Those who are visually impaired may also submit audio applications.

If you are interested in applying for any of the Coventry City Council part time jobs, you can find detailed information on the organisation at coventry.gov.uk/info/100008/jobs_employment_and_training. Job vacancies can also be accessed through this site, and each vacancy is provided with a detailed job description and a list of requirements.

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